Here you go, the Franktown Rocks Christmas Tree Quest 2010 Cheats. There are 30 Christmas tree ornaments hidden all around Franktown, you will earn $50 Franks for each and $500 Franks if you find all 30. Click this link to read the full Christmas Tree Quest 2010 Cheats.

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Here is the latest Rainbow Guitar Pick Cheats. This is a big quest and you need collect 30 Golden Guitar Picks to complete it. Click this link or look in the side bar for the link to the cheats. Enjoy!

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I have finished the Easter Egg Hunt 2010 Quest cheats for all of you. Overall, this quest was pretty easy and with only 15 eggs to find I was done with it quickly. Click this link or look in the side bar for the link to the cheats. Enjoy!

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Hey guys, I have added all the Magic Coin Quest cheats to the website. Some of the coins were difficult to find because they were hidden really well. I was actually surprised at the difficulty for some of them. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the cheats. Just click this link to see them.

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Hey guys, I apologize for the delay in getting the missing drum stick quest cheats up. I was on vacation and didn’t have a good enough computer to get all the pictures together for you.

Anyways, I have finished the Stix Quest and published all the cheats for you guys. Hope you enjoy them.

Click this link – Stix Quest Cheats.

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Some new things will soon be introduced to Franktown Rocks.

  • In a couple weeks you will be able to give gifts in Franktown! Anything you have in your inventory you will be able to give as a gift to anyone else in Franktown.
  • Also in a couple weeks, you will be able to donate anything in your inventory to Franktown Charities. It’s a great way to clean out the clutter and get rid of items you don’t want anymore.
  • Yes, we are working on building a Franktown Mall! And, yes, both members and non-members will be able to shop there! The Mall will not be done for a few months. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when we’re getting close!
  • We are working on a Facebook version of the Franktown Rocks game and it’s going to be great! You’ll be able to perform shows and work your way up to become the Ultimate Rock Star of Franktown! This game will launch this summer.
  • Yes, we are working on some new games and quests that will be added to Franktown soon. What are they? I can’t tell you yet because they are top secret! But I’ll be able to tell you soon!

All of these new, exciting features sounds great and I can’t wait for them to be added to the game.

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The Franktown Rocks Annual Pajama Party is going on this weekend. To find the party go to City Hall.
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Mayor Franklin T Rockworth has announced the Annual January Pagama Party will start January 22nd. Everyone is invited to the party, so it doesn’t matter if you are a member or non-member.

Annual January Pajama Party

The party starts January 22, 2010 at 16:00 Franktown Time and ends on January 25, 2010. All the fun will be taking place at City Hall inside the Mayor’s Office. Members get a second room, located at the Police Station, to party in. Be sure to collect your free balloons and sleeping masks that will be given out.

Also, don’t forget it is the first ever Double-Frank Weekend which means every game will pay double the money they usually do. Can’t wait to see you all there.

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Hey guys, I have released the Christmas Tree quest cheats for you. Sorry for the delay in getting them to you, but I have been really busy lately. I hope you find them very helpful.

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The Franktown Rocks weatherman says there will be snow in the forecast next week. Be sure to log in next week to experience some of these fun holiday themed activities.
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