Candy Quest Strategy Guide » Candy Piece #13

Candy Piece #13

11 Responses to “Candy Piece #13”
  1. mai says:

    wher is it i can find it pleas tell me

  2. lucy says:

    tell me to plz

  3. tyler says:

    plz give me it im desperate!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nikky says:

    candy-piece-13 is in the practice room in the recording studio

  5. Joel says:

    pracite room

  6. tasni2001 says:

    thanx for telling us we were so desperate

  7. stphaniepig says:

    its in the practise room right by the gutiar

  8. georgiegirl says:

    it is behind the amlifier in the practise room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. rocker20 says:

    practice studio in recoding studio

  10. katie says:

    please tell me i beg you please!

  11. shermeen says:

    yeh its in the recording studio in practice room

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