Candy Quest Strategy Guide » Candy Piece #2

Candy Piece #2

22 Responses to “Candy Piece #2”
  1. emma says:

    dont show us tell us

  2. Coolkid says:

    Dont command Him/Her

  3. smile12345 says:

    thank you for trying to help but i do not know where that specific lolly is.From smile12345

  4. michelle says:

    could you please tell us where it is???

  5. trishlena says:

    its in a store some where

  6. z says:

    where is it

  7. piggy5354 says:

    It’s on the gray thing at the ampitheather

  8. KAUST123 says:

    You should tell us where it is cause u r showing us the pic but not telling us!!

  9. Raveena234 says:

    were though? you don’ teven know where thi sweet is u can just see the pic

  10. ambybambi says:

    it isin th amphifearta

  11. kimberly says:

    where is the place

  12. shamilton15 says:

    i can’t find it help me please

  13. prettywings says:

    this questes r easy

  14. michelle antunes says:

    wow they realy need to tell us now

  15. Annabell64 says:

    :) its at the Amphitheater! lol

  16. naomi says:

    its a the amptheatre u guys.

  17. suhailraje says:

    it is in the amphitheater on the stairs

  18. daultonh says:

    its at the ampethter

  19. Eviechick says:

    i’ve finshed

  20. Eviechick says:

    i’ve finshed it’s very cool

  21. neena says:

    ya me too

  22. sarif says:

    where are the sweets

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