Candy Quest Strategy Guide

The third quest in Franktown Rocks is the Candy Quest. Little bunnies have been hiding candy all over Franktown and it is your job to find them all. There are 30 pieces in total and they scattered all over. However, this strategy guide will show you the location of every piece of candy, so you can complete it with ease. You get $50 Franks for each piece of candy you find and $500 Franks for completing the whole quest and receiving the trophy. Check out all the pictures below to find all the candy.

Here are the locations of all 30 candy pieces in Franktown Rocks. Click each picture for full size.

Congratulations, you have completed the Candy Quest in Franktown Rocks and you have now unlocked the School Quest.

Remember, you must complete the Drum Quest before you can do this quest.

191 Responses to “Candy Quest Strategy Guide”
  1. maaz says:

    were is 20

  2. nhgutg says:

    cant find the one is PRESS ROOm it is not there

  3. carolina16 says:

    where is piece number 28

  4. serafin10 says:

    This person is too lasy to tell where all of the candys are.

  5. carolina16 says:

    these quest should be more esier

  6. angel008 says:

    were is number 28

  7. avery101 says:

    where is piece 28

  8. Michael377 says:

    where is piece 28 I can’t find it please write back

    the press room is in the city hall building

  9. Dogy1034 says:

    where is piece 28????

  10. bre bre says:

    28 is in the sports shop

  11. Anna says:

    wheres 28?

  12. GABBY says:

    where is number 2?

  13. amanda says:

    hi there i noticed there was a coment that says wheres number 20 well it is outside the treehouse

  14. salenagomez7888 says:

    i hav 2 more but i am switch u y cant u tell us where are they are

  15. mudzip12 says:

    number 28 is outside the tree house

  16. mudzip12 says:

    sorry i mean the 28 is inside the sports shop up then on the left brown shelf.

  17. christy says:

    where is 28

  18. hannyhamster says:

    i liked it better wen it said wer it told u wer it was

  19. hannyhamster says:

    i liked it betta wen it told u wer it was not just a picture other wise it really gud

  20. lildwhitley says:

    28 is at the gym

  21. Crystal3261 says:

    Where is 20!!!

  22. Crystal3261 says:

    20 is near the tree house!!!
    I jut found it a minuet ago!

  23. justinbieber says:

    hey guys its me justin bieber i love my fans

  24. kate1010 says:

    weres candy 28

  25. charlotte says:

    i wonder

  26. charlotte says:

    yay i fineshed this quest

  27. skunkahunk says:

    well i don’t know how to enter the candy quest so i need somebody to tell me how thanks !!!!!!!!

  28. skunkahunk says:

    yo justin bieber your not the real justin bieber because if u r wat is the number at the bottom of the golden ticket

  29. Alicat0412 says:

    where is #7???

  30. bull26 says:

    where’s piece 29

  31. zoejoeca says:

    where is number 28

  32. Karina108 says:

    Umm I can’t find piece number 28 and I think That number 28 is not deir

  33. 7amo0od says:

    where is# 5 and 13 and 21

  34. april says:

    where is candy 20

  35. justinbieber says:

    im the real justinbieber i love all my fans and even not my fans hope u all finish this quest

  36. maxine says:

    were is 28?

  37. dd says:

    thanks for helping me thanks alot

  38. girls rule says:

    where is the 28th candy?? i cannot find it and is not at the counter there!!

  39. Lottie says:

    The candy which is 28 is up on the shelf in the sports room near the door!!!! lol

  40. Lottie says:

    oh yer yr really justin bieber yer justin biebers on franktown rocks no one belives that rubbish!!!!!!

  41. Lauren says:

    i cant find them!

  42. me says:

    where is #4like wat building

  43. mauzonimani says:

    i am done

  44. mzscoobz95 says:


  45. mzscoobz95 says:


  46. raesia says:

    hey justin

  47. ocoeearod says:

    wheres candy 28

  48. MoemoeRox says:

    Where is theone that says CRUNCHY?

  49. b123 says:

    dude wheres #28 its confusing me?

  50. Justibiebervevo says:

    Hellow Im Justin Bieber and I Hope that all of you fass the quest’s and I love you all.

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