Hey guys, I have released the Christmas Tree quest cheats for you. Sorry for the delay in getting them to you, but I have been really busy lately. I hope you find them very helpful.

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  1. malik from franktown says:

    thanks it was very helpful do you know what the next quest is going to be

  2. hamstergirl456 says:

    that was very helpful to me if i didn’t have this website i would be a lost dog

  3. RujenaKhan says:


  4. woman says:

    its my first day on this site and its awesome. before igot on this site i had 2 quests done now i have all quests done

  5. coolcats512 says:

    how easy was it to u because i am still on christmas tree and the golden guitar pick quest can u help me.

  6. misssmith says:

    people of franktown ,

    who knows where u could find the christmas trees ? pleasee reply i’ve been trying to find it all week so if you know could you pleasee reply so that i could finalyy find it .

    thank you for your time ,

    yours sinceirly ,
    MissSmith .x

  7. seema1999 says:

    i still can’t find 1 from next time can u please rite the name of the place? thanks

  8. money741 says:

    im done whith all of my quest every single one!

  9. mustafao1998 says:

    i want to be member

  10. kam says:

    what its 2010

  11. michaela says:

    hey frankteens I have something to say I friken need help on the tree quest 2010

  12. kainatcandy says:

    I am all reddy a member

  13. blue says:

    this sucks its 2009 im playing 2010

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