I have finished the Easter Egg Hunt 2010 Quest cheats for all of you. Overall, this quest was pretty easy and with only 15 eggs to find I was done with it quickly. Click this link or look in the side bar for the link to the cheats. Enjoy!

28 Responses to “Easter Egg Hunt 2010 Cheats”
  1. Matthew says:

    Can you show me where they are i only need the bottam middle one.Can you help me please.Pretty please!

  2. Laila says:

    its in the swing outside the treehouse its a blck and green egg so look carefully in the swing

  3. 11pippa11 says:

    i need 3 more can any1 help me ???????????????

  4. Meggiewho says:

    It’s in the tire outside the treehouse. It’s hidden really well. You’re lucky I still remember that one.

  5. theresa8 says:

    I need 4 more eggs please help someone pritty please

  6. i need help says:

    help please

  7. i need help says:

    i need 3 help
    i need the 2 to the right the top and frist on the left middle and 3rd to the left and right middle

  8. justin bieber4ever says:

    where is an egg

  9. ewan says:

    where is the second last from the top

  10. ewan says:

    where is number4

  11. lauren says:

    i need a couple more can u help me

  12. theresa8 says:

    one is in a tree

  13. mirandasmith says:

    i need to find them all

  14. julie says:

    i just need a last one in the
    middle row the second one
    please if any one can find
    it just tibe it in there

  15. Jasmine9653 says:

    i need the one were the football is

  16. IOKARINE says:


  17. IOKARINE says:


  18. marilu says:

    i need 3 more!!!!!!!!!but i can find the tree one!!!

  19. marilu says:

    i know were the football one is at is next to the bushes

  20. marilu says:

    could you show me were the tree one is at

  21. jesse says:

    could you show me all of all

  22. JOHNCENA0198 says:


  23. JOHNCENA0198 says:


  24. lilmarion25 says:

    lolz jk!

  25. JOHNCENA0198 says:

    i finished the egg quest who finished too

  26. chisom100 says:

    why can’t we have more rooms in our house because my stuff can not fit in oh my god i lost my drum you see it is so enoying

  27. Angel811704 says:

    A new quest is out and it is called ‘Rainbow Guitar pick quest’.i am stuck so I really need the cheats but you havn’t posted the cheats up yet.
    Please post up the cheats so that me and other people can finish the quest.
    Thank You

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