The Halloween Party is currently going on in Franktown Rocks. In order to unlock the new Trick-or-Treat 2009 Quest you need to complete the Secret Corn Maze. Here is how to complete it.

First, head behind the movie theater to find the entrance to the Secret Corn Maze. It costs $50 Franks to enter.

Secret Corn Maze Entrance

Secret Corn Maze Entrance

Once inside, you will see Maze Hints which you must answer correctly to follow the correct path.

Maze Hint #1 – How Many Strings On An Electric Guitar?

Maze Hint #1

Maze Hint #1

Maze Hint #2 – Who Plays Drums in Just Call Me Harvey?

Maze Hint #2

Maze Hint #2

Maze Hint #3 – How Many Jonas Brothers Are There? (Remember, there are 4 total Jonas Brothers, but only 3 are in the band)

Maze Hint #3

Maze Hint #3

Maze Hint #4 – Who Plays A Beat?

Maze Hint #4

Maze Hint #4

Maze Hint #5 – How Many Strings On A Bass Guitar?

Maze Hint #5

Maze Hint #5

Congratulations, you have now completed the Secret Corn Maze and unlocked the Trick-or-Treat 2009 Quest

Secret Corn Maze Completed

Secret Corn Maze Completed

16 Responses to “Secret Corn Maze Cheats”
  1. hamster_boy_1 says:

    Remember once you get to the scary forest at the end of the maze you have to pick up the Pumpkin Candy Basket on the chair. It’s what unlocks the Trick-or-Treat Quest.

  2. Emily says:

    what? I thought there was 3 jonas brothes do they have a brother or a sister? Cuz i dont think Franky plays in the band.

    If you see what I wrote it says that there are 4 total brother, but only 3 in the band. The question asks how many brothers in total, not how many in the band.

  3. Emily says:

    Oh i didnt know srry.

  4. Emily says:

    Todays is my sisters birthday lolz i just wanted to say that.

  5. Coolkid says:

    Happy Birthday!

  6. paulina4life says:

    when r u going to put codes to be a member

  7. meidy says:

    i made mine in november

  8. rockzsonu says:

    where is pumpkin basket??????plzzzzzzzz say it

  9. money_boy563 says:

    wow that was so helpful thanks

  10. mike says:


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  12. rebby says:

    plese repply back shanice london 11 yrs old

  13. meanyxx786 says:

    i cant find the maze
    ive been behind da theatre its not dere
    what shall i do

  14. meanyxx786 says:

    where is the corn maze i cant find it ive cheked behind the theater buh itz not there
    waht am i supposed to do now

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