Christmas Tree Quest 2009 Strategy Guide

Brrrr it’s cold again. What a great time to put up your Christmas tree! It helps to have decorations, so there are 30 Christmas tree ornaments hidden all around Franktown!

  • When you find an ornament, click on it to pick it up
  • You’ll earn $50 franks for every one you find
  • Find all 30 and you will win a decorated Christmas Tree Trophy for your house and $500 franks

Here are the cheats of all the Christmas tree ornaments (click each thumbnail for larger picture):

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  1. Tchickenboybo3 says:

    im saved! hay! we need the 2010 one! and mail the mayor your idas to make franktown better remimber its are job as cidizes of franktown to help and mail the mail the mayor you favert songs maby he will add thim to franktown! and rember to tell your frand to come to franktown and make franktown free for ever! thx vote God blees and happy christmas i hope you git a gifts!

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