Christmas Tree Quest 2009 Strategy Guide » Ornament 23

Ornament 23

15 Responses to “Ornament 23”
  1. Emily says:

    Where is that??

  2. nestorlol says:

    pizza place/in little room

  3. OHSCHICKROCK58 says:

    have know idea

  4. eddie says:

    yeah were is that?

  5. colorblue2rocks says:

    Kitchen(pizza place)

  6. coolgirl421 says:

    its in the pizza place kitchen

  7. berry larry says:

    where is that darn christmas ball i cant see it all over this crowd

  8. halima says:

    where on earth is that ?

  9. Morgan says:

    It is on the floor of the pizza place kitchen in the left corner it is not that hard to see at all.

  10. Emily says:

    Thank you Nestorlol!

  11. sabila says:

    pizza place in the kitchen on the floor

  12. addison4248 says:

    that one is in the kitchen in the pizza shop on the ground

  13. hawo says:

    it is on the city hall floor

  14. seema1999 says:

    where is that darn thing

  15. katie112 says:

    it is on the kitchen floor in the pizza parlor trust me

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