Drum Quest Strategy Guide

The second quest in Franktown Rocks is the Drum Quest. In this quest, you need to find 24 missing drum pieces, so you can rebuild Tina’s drum set. Apparently, she was playing so fast that her drum set exploded and the individual pieces landed all over Franktown. You get $50 Franks for each piece you find, and $500 Franks for completing the drum set.

Drum Quest in Franktown Rocks

Drum Quest in Franktown Rocks

Here are the locations for all the drums, in no particular order.

The first drum is located in Shred Park. It is sticking out on the right side of the concrete wall.

Drum #1

Drum #1

The second piece of the drum set is located in the Recording Studio. It is on the blue couch, but be sure to look hard because it blends in.

Drum #2

Drum #2

The third drum is located in the Boathouse Bistro between the 2 dolphins.

Drum #3

Drum #3

The fourth piece of the drum set is located at the Amphitheater. It is a cymbal and is placed on the drum set on stage. It blends in well, so be sure to click the right piece.

Drum #4

Drum #4

Drum piece #5 is located in the upper room of the Pizza Place. It is right by the blue arcade game.

Drum #5

Drum #5

The sixth drum is in the Sport Shop poking up from behind the counter.

Drum #6

Drum #6

Drum 7 is located in the Home Furnishings store. If you look closely under the tv, you will see the chimes hanging there.

Drum #7

Drum #7

Drum 8 is back in the Recoding Studio in the Practice Room. It is on the green drum set.

Drum #8

Drum #8

The ninth drum set piece is on the sign above Franktown Fitness

Drum #9

Drum #9

Drum 10 is located in City Hall in the main hallway.

Drum #10

Drum #10

Drum 11 is located in the Press Room in City Hall. It is in the plant on the right.

Drum #11

Drum #11

Drum 12 is in the Coffee Shop underneath a table top.

Drum #12

Drum #12

Drum 13 is located in the Barber Shop on the plant at the top.

Drum #13

Drum #13

Drum 14 is located at the Cinema on the sign outside. This one was hard because it is barely poking out from behind the sign.

Drum #14

Drum #14

Drum 15 is located in the Music Store and is right by the sign for video music lessons.

Drum #15

Drum #15

Drum 16 is outside the Music Store on the roof. You can see it by the pipes.

Drum #16

Drum #16

Drum 17 is outside the Tree House. It is sticking out from some leaves.

Drum #17

Drum #17

Drum 18 is at the Record Store.

Drum #18

Drum #18

Drum 19 is in the Kitchen of the Pizza Place. It is barely noticeable on one of the shelves.

Drum #19

Drum #19

Drum 20 is outside your house and poking out of the side of the Pizza Place.

Drum #20

Drum #20

Drum 21 is in the instrument shop in the Music Store.

Drum #21

Drum #21

Drum 22 is at City Hall inside the License Room

Drum #22

Drum #22

Drum 23 is in the Library

Drum #23

Drum #23

Drum 24 is in the Ice Cream Shop

Drum #24

Drum #24

You have now completed the Drum Quest in Franktown Rocks. Congratulations!!!

Drum Quest Complete

Drum Quest Complete

Also, you have unlocked the Candy Quest

Candy Quest Unlocked

Candy Quest Unlocked

You must complete the Golden Guitar Pick Quest first before you can do the Drum Quest

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