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Easter Egg 7

17 Responses to “Easter Egg 7”
  1. brooke says:

    where is it the easter bunny put eggs in my plants

  2. the beast says:

    were is it

  3. roots 990 says:

    i have looked and 11 it is not there

  4. freshfly says:

    its outside the library and u will see a egg under the seat

  5. candtfloss541 says:

    its outside the libary

  6. silversnake1850 says:

    i now where it is it is the bench near the cinemas

  7. Ashley says:

    it is infront of the libaray

  8. sbrina says:

    it is in frunt of the libary

  9. Sadieann9 says:

    it is in front of the library..fyi

  10. zackerlewis says:

    its out side of the libary

  11. poppylulu says:

    oh i cant find it! where is it

  12. zipzop848 says:

    Outside the library

  13. poppylulu says:


  14. monkey says:


  15. miley_star_love says:

    whare is the bench that the easter egg is because i can’t find it

  16. silversnake1850 says:

    outside the front of libary i got it first cos i sent picture in you now

  17. swim girl says:

    ya it is outside the library by the bench. it is a cute green (my fav color) smiley face. i am possitive it is there

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