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Magic Coin 1

15 Responses to “Magic Coin 1”
  1. KAUST123 says:

    where is it

  2. Angelgirl09 says:

    I think it is in the rock school…

  3. Angelgirl09 says:

    actually it isn’t but there is a coin in the rock school

  4. Angelgirl09 says:

    I know where it is….. its in the music store but you have to go in the room where it says store and you’ll find it there hopefully!!!

  5. shaun says:

    music store “store”

  6. addy says:

    it’s in the musicstore :)

  7. yo says:

    hey thanks i was stuck so thanks :)

  8. haha! says:

    thx! :D

  9. ishamittal36 says:

    i found it! thx!

  10. animefreak says:

    go in the music store then go in the store part of it and youll find it there by four pianos…hope it helps!!!

  11. sedreiajr says:

    thx c u n town :-p

  12. Sabrina says:

    haha lol sweet i luv getting free stuff lol

  13. anna says:

    Music store store loves =)

  14. lyla41400 says:


  15. molly443 says:

    it’s right be side the red and black keybord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EASY

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