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Magic Coin 24

34 Responses to “Magic Coin 24”
  1. breanna says:

    thank you so much i had 3 more and u helped me find them u help me on all the quest!!!!

  2. BIANCA says:


  3. AREANNA says:

    breanna is my sister name

  4. jamsimesz says:

    it the musice store

  5. susan says:

    i cant get to the coin i see it but it wont let me

  6. ashley says:

    omg thats so kool not

  7. Treasure713 says:

    its behind city hall

  8. norahshazadwali says:

    where is it really it is my last one and i cant see on city hall or music store

  9. hott babe says:

    it wont let me get it

  10. madison666333 says:

    this pick is ontop of the music stoe( roof) you have to go a little bit to side in order to get it

  11. addy says:

    its outside the musicstore

  12. Carson says:

    haha im chubachubachewchew in background!!!!Awesome

  13. Zahra says:

    your real nice Ashley aren’t you

  14. shazza says:

    its on top of the city hall

  15. kiran says:

    please tell me where is this coin its my last coin left its not there

  16. kiran says:


  17. Jasmine says:

    it on the roof of the music shop!!!!!!!!

  18. Jasmine says:

    the music shop is by city hall!

  19. salenagomez7888 says:

    idk where could this be

  20. leah says:

    it is behind city hall but on the back of the music store

  21. p[iggy5354 says:

    You have to go behind the city hall and then press the coin behind the music store. You can see part of the music store behind the city hall and the coin is there. Hope I helped.

  22. lindsay11256 says:

    its the place thats behind the music store and also the city hall but its on top of the music store

  23. sugar says:

    it is behind city hall

  24. breanna says:

    on the top of the sport shop

  25. twilight960 says:

    if u go on the roof of city hall u can get it

  26. emma says:

    its behind city hall!!!!!!

  27. piosoin23 says:

    um i dont tink so but im awsome and im done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. alexa999 says:


  29. vanpirer says:

    i cant get on top of the music store

  30. ALVIE says:

    Behind the city hall

  31. Taylor swift fan says:

    it behind city hall :)

  32. calub says:

    i found it it was there thanks now go 1 more to find off to find it good luck to all

  33. alizia111 says:

    just go behind the city hall

  34. maria says:


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