Franktown Rocks has released the brand new BFF Shirts for you to buy. The way it works is each shirt has half of a “BEST FRIENDS” picture on it. You and your best friend each buy a shirt with each others picture on it and then every one in Franktown knows who your friends are. They are in the Franktown Clothing Company store, and MEMBERS and NON-MEMBERS are able to buy them. These sound really awesome and I can’t wait to buy one.

Franktown Rocks BFF Shirts

Franktown Rocks BFF Shirts

Also, the Good Citizen Award winners for this week are bubles907, jjboogie, and TheCoolGuy89. Congrats to all of you for being good citizens.

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3 Responses to “Franktown Rocks BFF Shirts Have Arrived”
  1. isabella says:

    weird dude

  2. twilightboy says:

    that will be cool and i wish i would get one two franktown ROCKS

  3. Benjamin says:

    Hey I just bort one

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