Franklin T. Rockworth, the Mayor of Franktown Rocks, has just announced the upcoming news.

6 new Icon Shirts have been released and 3 are available to non-members. The 6 t-shirts are Discoball, Microphone, Cowboy Hat, Headphones, Music Notes, and Lightning Bolt.

6 new icon t-shirts

6 new icon t-shirts

A new recycling quest will be added next week. Also, a brand new Super Tic-Tac-Toe game is being added. It will be a multiplayer game which will allow you to challenge other players in Franktown Rocks. Remember the other new game that was added recently, Bunzy’s Boathouse Bistro Bonanza.

Congratulations to the Good Citizens this week – princessme88, stargirl904 and sumpter10.

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    i got all the new Ts thays look nice :) !

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