Some new things will soon be introduced to Franktown Rocks.

  • In a couple weeks you will be able to give gifts in Franktown! Anything you have in your inventory you will be able to give as a gift to anyone else in Franktown.
  • Also in a couple weeks, you will be able to donate anything in your inventory to Franktown Charities. It’s a great way to clean out the clutter and get rid of items you don’t want anymore.
  • Yes, we are working on building a Franktown Mall! And, yes, both members and non-members will be able to shop there! The Mall will not be done for a few months. Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when we’re getting close!
  • We are working on a Facebook version of the Franktown Rocks game and it’s going to be great! You’ll be able to perform shows and work your way up to become the Ultimate Rock Star of Franktown! This game will launch this summer.
  • Yes, we are working on some new games and quests that will be added to Franktown soon. What are they? I can’t tell you yet because they are top secret! But I’ll be able to tell you soon!

All of these new, exciting features sounds great and I can’t wait for them to be added to the game.

62 Responses to “New Things Coming To Franktown Rocks”
  1. emma says:

    whats the name of the games?

  2. emma says:

    im wondering can everyone shop for everything in the mall?

  3. Emily says:

    ooooh the mall…..

  4. thiidor218 says:

    how many mouths till the mall is done?

  5. lil_kevin says:

    i hope that everyone can shop at the mall

  6. reaper555 says:

    is there any other new things to franktown?

  7. jack says:

    hodis are coming to franktown

  8. jack says:

    i love frabnktown rocks

  9. jack says:

    a new gweast

  10. jack says:

    franktown rocks is cool

  11. kih71561 says:

    can there be a shop w/ no “you need to be a member to buy this item!” crap?

  12. saron123 says:

    who needs the new quest piz till me

  13. yolanda55 says:

    ohhh a mall but there are certain ones like one for certain animals ohhyea

  14. amy8242 says:

    what day is it going 2 start for the franktownrocks get rid or give free stuff away week

  15. EBERHART1O1 says:

    were is the cheats for the ester qwest ? i ned it bad!

  16. catalinarocks says:

    when is everybody gonna have a free membership in a weeek

  17. jared says:

    y isint there cheats for the easter quest

  18. jason is a beast says:

    i cant wait till the new quests open up

  19. nick says:

    i agree with jason is a beast

  20. Mariah_Carey says:

    I hope they have most of the stuff 4 girlz! ;D

  21. Mariah_Carey says:

    the reazon i say that iz b cause boyz dont really need anything 4 them…thatz wat the spotrz shop iz 4. Lol

  22. thiidor218 says:

    i am so mad non members cant bye the same this as member

  23. thiidor218 says:

    i know justin beiber on franktown rockes so if you want to see him reply back

  24. thiidor218 says:

    everybody loves me

  25. thiidor218 says:

    i love everybody oh justin beiber ran our door bell in real life bye o he says hi

  26. justinbieber says:

    hey guys whats up

  27. justinbieber says:

    so hi guys i am on a tour

  28. justinbieber says:

    hah love your comments what is this franktown rocks

  29. mills9999 says:

    when is the new stuff coming? i cant wait! justin beiber stinks! … :)

  30. lilmarion25 says:

    i hope they have a mall shopping place for boys and another side for girls
    cuz girls r so stupid
    l0l well not all girls and i hope they have cool things in franktownrocks mall

  31. newyorkgirl says:

    By the way lilmarion25,girlz r not stupid,u r so get ur facts straight

  32. daja says:

    i think that everyone shuld have the same stuff like non member shuld b able to do the stuff that members do and at mills9999 he dont suck

  33. geelong50 says:

    what r the new quizs called ill just cheat by using the website ha ha lol

  34. Hope says:

    I love the quest sooooooooooooooooooo much but i am getting bored because their is no more quest so new quest like be good. x

  35. xbox3605 says:

    i hope the mall got lots of stores and most have cool stuff like posters of famous people oooo and cds and other cool stuff and i want to be the rock star of franktown

  36. briana says:

    Girls are not stupid LiL’Marion so I would suggest that you not say that. Some little girls around the world would be crying so please don’t say that on the Internet or anywere else because thats what I call verbal abuse. You don’t see anybody calling boys stupid on the Internet. And what I said I hope you’ll think about twice.

  37. newyorkgirl says:

    I dont kno when we will b able 2 give other ppl our stuff so when some1 finds out pleas leave a message

  38. princess0622 says:

    i cant wait until we get new rooms for our house on franktown

  39. princess0622 says:

    it rocks

  40. princess0622 says:

    i want a new quest to come out on frank town :)

  41. princess0622 says:

    yay for franktown <3

  42. kaitlyn67 says:

    we should not have to be a member to bye cars and stuff that just make people feel bad why should people be a member that is the question

  43. aj says:

    I know 4 special codes: music, outfits, recyclequest, & cupcake.

  44. Ihatejustinbieber1333 says:

    thx i am selena gomez

  45. Ihatejustinbieber1333 says:

    girls aren’t stupid

  46. Ihatejustinbieber1333 says:

    I hate u justin bieberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  47. twilight says:

    i think that franktown is awsome and cool becuase kids have a chance to have fun on something

  48. twilight says:

    also franktown does rock it is cool

  49. johncena0198 says:

    the quest is out i nedd 7 more to bet the quest and ill ask the mayor when the mall is come he said somtime this summer so may be tomorow or netx week or so

  50. johncena0198 says:

    hey and gilrs are not stupid

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