Recycle Quest Strategy Guide » Aluminum Item #1

Aluminum Item #1

21 Responses to “Aluminum Item #1”
  1. coco says:

    this helps a lot

  2. Joel says:

    where is this

  3. nibblespearce says:

    its outside the city hall on the statue

  4. Chris says:

    i dont no

  5. hey!:) says:

    i still cant find it!

  6. coolcook says:

    it is one the statue outside of city hall

  7. coolcook says:

    hello is someone on

  8. kc1229kc says:

    i still cant find it are you sure its the one outside city hall cause its not there!!

  9. xLivix123x says:

    i no where that peice of trash is !

  10. tony wilson says:

    i cant find it

  11. Deanne1999 says:

    It’s not there!! and I haven’t already gotten it

  12. taylorswiftfan123 says:

    where is number one. pics arnt usefull

  13. alex says:

    at city hall

  14. mariam says:

    pizza shop

  15. lucy says:

    It’s in the town square

  16. jordan says:

    it outside yhe pizza parlour

  17. neena says:

    its on the sity sqaure

  18. kt says:

    lol it the pizzza shop

  19. macky 101 says:

    i can not find it is it by the christmas tree

  20. Taylor Swift says:

    YA but it’s not there

  21. Taylor Swift says:

    It is in the brown ornament!!!

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