Recycle Quest Strategy Guide » Garbage Item #4

Garbage Item #4

38 Responses to “Garbage Item #4”
  1. emma says:

    where is it

  2. emma says:

    no need to i got it

  3. carlie says:

    i found all of them hahahaha

  4. megan disco_diva10 says:

    same im on the newest wait i done it haahaha

  5. Brittany says:

    guys where is this

  6. oww says:

    where is it

  7. max says:

    what place is itat

  8. Coolkid says:

    that is in the music store

  9. noddy107 says:

    thats in the recording studio, were it says practice room

  10. princessme_me says:

    where is it

  11. Jiva says:

    its in the music room in the store by the guitar

  12. coolgirl421 says:

    its by the electric guitar

  13. sniffles104 says:

    found it whooo!

  14. lavega2010 says:

    whare is it

  15. elizebeth146 says:

    found it hahahaha! it is in the music “store”

  16. hafsa says:

    i can’t find them so not cool ur not telling the thurth

  17. brooklyn9 says:

    it’s at the ……… ok i dnt know!! please help me!!!

  18. person16 says:

    It’s at the recording studio in the practice room by the electric guitar

  19. awesomenator5000 says:

    still dont see it

  20. hihihi says:


  21. sam says:

    found it
    u need to write a description to it
    like where is it

  22. Lulurocks123 says:

    guys this is in the recording studio in the room called practice room

  23. yolanda55 says:

    where the heck is it

  24. tinkerbel007 says:

    recording studio practice room

  25. Hermione99 says:

    it is at the recording studio in the practise room. And i never lie

  26. moneyman10 says:

    that is easy

  27. basketballgirl24 says:

    Thank you for telling me where it is.

  28. ella says:

    i now it is easy

  29. kamille says:

    no its in d practice room

  30. JoseOrRaul? says:

    Man I finished all da quests 3 times!!!!!!!

  31. Angelgirl09 says:

    its not at the music store, its in the practise room at the recording studio guys!

  32. kekepalmer113 says:

    girl whats uppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. sedricka says:

    were is it so not funnyb lier you will go to hele if you lie

  34. mya says:

    where is it im serious now tell the truth right now plz otherwise ill report u o the moderators

  35. shebul says:

    it next to the drum

  36. mina says:

    its in the music room

  37. RD says:

    were is it were were were is it
    haha i know heheheheheheheh :D the practice room

  38. applesnap88 says:

    recording studio practice room’

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