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Paper Item #3

119 Responses to “Paper Item #3”
  1. kimmy says:

    cant find it omg me and my lil brother are like crazy thing to find it…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…HELP

  2. dylan says:

    in the sports shop

  3. bearboy877 says:

    I have looked everywhere and i can’t find it

  4. london114 says:

    no it is in the fitness center

  5. jazymne says:

    omg i can not find that one thing and i am going carzy and they still wont tell me where it is and i am very mad i need help finding this please help me and it is not at the sports shop that is a liying thing to say bec that is no true
    who ever said that they moust be talking about an other thin g bec it is not their
    bye help me find this pleseeeeeeeee.

  6. tony says:

    where is it. now

  7. rose9999 says:

    on the roof

  8. peter says:

    i cant find it

  9. Julia says:

    where is it i need help now plese

  10. Julia says:

    i fored it now thenks

  11. ChiCho says:

    it isnt in the sports shop!I looked there like 1 hour and I cant find it!!!!!


  12. ashleybunnny says:

    itz in the city hall license room

  13. blue says:

    no its not there i looked

  14. katie says:

    i can find it:(

  15. applesnap88 says:

    where in the sport shop

  16. applesnap88 says:

    i cant see it

  17. matthewsmart says:

    help me pleseeeeeeeee.

  18. megs1567 says:

    it is in the fitness center

  19. neena says:

    its in the fitness

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