Recycle Quest Strategy Guide

The Franktown Rocks Recycle Quest is the fifth quest in the game. Mayor Franklin T. Rockworth needs your help to keep the city clean. There are 25 pieces of trash floating around Franktown. It is your job to find them all and clean up the city. You will get $50 Franks for every piece of trash you find, and you will get $500 Franks and the Golden Recycling Trophy for finding all 25 pieces. Check out the pictures below to see the locations of all 25 pieces of garbage.

You must complete the School Quest before you can do this quest.

Here are the locations of all 25 pieces of garbage in the Franktown Rocks Recycle Quest:

Congratulations you have just completed the Recycle Quest in Franktown Rocks.

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  1. amanda says:


  2. sweetpea100 says:

    me neither

  3. cheesymolly333 says:

    i cant find my last 1 i have looked in all the places and it ant there

  4. cheesymolly333 says:

    24 is at the clothing store im hungery i am goin to have 1 of my easter eggs
    hahaha tasty

  5. lolrus555 says:

    lol cheesymolly

  6. lolrus555 says:

    these are hard

  7. TwinklesFudge says:

    where is the last one!

  8. Jelenny says:

    i can’t find #9….can someone help me…plzz

  9. ricki says:

    this is help full but i cant find the last thing on recycleing quest

  10. casandra says:

    i need to know where the last glass bottle is the one farthest to the left

  11. elizabeth says:

    PAPER item # 3 is not their its not at the fitness place

  12. boobear says:

    i can’t find one of the glass bottles

  13. Hermione99 says:

    i have 2 more and i can’t find them!

  14. brigirl says:

    i have no more to find and i cant not find it i look for 3 month for it

  15. hamstergirl223 says:

    hi im cool add me every one

  16. hello says:

    where is number 24

  17. me says:

    Where is aluminium#4 and paper#3

  18. samira says:

    col im gona start this & u watch me

  19. bull26 says:

    i know where almost all of them.

  20. Herry673 says:

    I can’t find one its the one when you found all not that one I look 1 year for it can someone help?

  21. FLEAGIRL00 says:

    where is the one that says its at the fitness center i cant find it help please

  22. ellalake50 says:

    i have found all of them.Hahaha to you guys

  23. blueshoe5565 says:

    yeah same i am trying to find it for my 7 year old cusin

  24. chris452 says:

    were is aliumiuim 4

  25. kamille says:

    d 24th one is outside brber shop

  26. boxerc12 says:

    FLEAGIRL00 It is in the sport shop

  27. Lauren says:

    where is #4

  28. Audrey says:

    I cant find piece fourteen!

  29. yuli says:

    i can’t find #24 either =(

  30. gvidas1234 says:

    i can`t find number 16

  31. Alexxxxx says:

    Where is the last paper 1?

  32. hello people says:

    where is the paper no 3 plssss help its the only one left

  33. jonas132 says:

    i can’t find the one in the fitness centre i have been looking for it for 1 year and a half,PLEASE HELP ME GUYS PLEASE

  34. buddy123 says:

    I cant find can #4.I cant find garbage#4. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ayma1234 says:

    number #24 is at the rockheadz store

  36. tameemee says:

    i cant find number 18#

  37. tink says:

    tameemee well look 4 it

  38. Brooke says:

    Can someone plzzzz help me! I can’t find the item behind the green chip bag in the PAPER collection. Can someone plzzzzzz, plzzzz tell me where it is or what it looks like.

  39. sedreiajr says:

    i cant find #1 plz help

  40. jasminepop says:

    i cant find the paper number 18

  41. jarred ramsay says:

    all the whit gaps are filled in its not leting me go to the next quest

  42. no1rubyno1 says:

    i found all of them but it said ”1 more to find”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ive looked every were but its not there help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. no1rubyno1 says:

    no1′s at the city square!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. tiffany says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need help i have 1 more left snd i need help finding it its number 24 i think

  45. melody2468 says:

    it is hard to find

  46. melody2468 says:

    my bum is hurting me

  47. melody2468 says:

    my head is hurting me

  48. meganbuzz says:

    i cant find num 18 0n paper plz help some 1

  49. CoOl ChIcK!!!!!! says:

    wheres #18? Cant find it to people who have finished it!!!!!!

  50. victorious579 says:

    i found all of it ya me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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