Recycle Quest Strategy Guide

The Franktown Rocks Recycle Quest is the fifth quest in the game. Mayor Franklin T. Rockworth needs your help to keep the city clean. There are 25 pieces of trash floating around Franktown. It is your job to find them all and clean up the city. You will get $50 Franks for every piece of trash you find, and you will get $500 Franks and the Golden Recycling Trophy for finding all 25 pieces. Check out the pictures below to see the locations of all 25 pieces of garbage.

You must complete the School Quest before you can do this quest.

Here are the locations of all 25 pieces of garbage in the Franktown Rocks Recycle Quest:

Congratulations you have just completed the Recycle Quest in Franktown Rocks.

179 Responses to “Recycle Quest Strategy Guide”
  1. jesseca says:

    is there one at frank town clothing

  2. jessica says:

    victorious579 were’s the one moies or clothing

  3. nacy1614 says:

    i cant find the newspaper!! help me!!!!

  4. Purple_Love says:

    I Found #24 Itsz In The Sportsz Shop In The Lower Right Corner!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK!!!!!<3<3

  5. Ninalove says:

    Where’s number 18???????

  6. beber123 says:

    were is the last rubish in the rubish quest

  7. micky_di-best says:

    i can’t find the one in the franktown clothing

  8. micky_di-best says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhelp i am just looking for the one that i think belongs to the paper the bottle or cans
    plz plz plz hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhelp me any one i’ll go on my knees

  9. micky_di-best says:

    wot in the world. in the franktown clothing shop there is ment to a glass or paper quest next to the big franktown clothing sign or under the the desk kinda table like kinda thing. i need seareous help because i only have 2 more 2 find

    but any ways ninalove,purple love,nacy and jessica help me plz plz plz…

  10. bex says:

    I cant find the last 1! Where is it!!!!!

  11. emily says:


  12. thiidor218 says:

    Hey yall whats up

  13. auset says:

    this is so not help u r missing a paperball

  14. ZZZZZ12345 says:

    how do u no wich number it is

  15. PUPKIN417 says:


  16. PUPKIN417 says:


  17. madhatter2010 says:

    where is the top 1 on the paper pile woop woop

  18. Morgan says:

    The news paper is in the sports shop.

  19. Rockhopperguy says:

    Mine Is Glitched So I Finished It But It Says I Havent

  20. dragonkid67 says:

    yeee ha now all i need me is a paper & glass item

  21. Alexandra_Brown says:

    i need help 2 find di last bottle in some where , i can not find it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs help me anyone ……… love Alexandra_Brown
    xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx lol where the hell is it

  22. bryant04 says:

    it is chicken and it is behind the chair leg at bottom left cornor

  23. lola3000 says:

    were iz all the recycle quest

  24. Sam says:

    mine gliched i hav them all but quest wont complete =(

  25. johncena2006 says:

    wat up

  26. johncena2006 says:

    sup kids

  27. xhannhx says:

    the newspaper is in the sports shop, and no need to be so dramatic mick-_bi-best i mean like are u a girl man up

  28. nica2002 says:

    i c annt find the news papper some one helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllp

  29. predesta says:

    i already finished my quest

  30. Sophia says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

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