School Quest Strategy Guide

The School Quest is the fourth quest in Franktown Rocks. School is about to start and all the school supplies you need are scattered throughout Franktown. You need to find them all so you can enjoy your first day of class. There are 25 total pieces that you must find and for every piece you find you will receive $50 Franks. You will receive $500 Franks and the Golden Writing Board when you complete the quest.

Here is how to locate all 25 pieces of school supplies in Franktown Rocks.

Remember, you need to complete the Candy Quest before you can attempt this quest.

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  1. hampteroo says:

    i got theme all yay

  2. superstar366 says:

    it is easy but i am on the school quest coz u am new

  3. amanda610 says:


  4. taytay225 says:

    i am so glad i found out about this.i am almost done with all of the quests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. wiktoria says:

    it anl showa you 25 but in the quest there is 30

  6. Sara says:

    i sisnt find #25 plz tell me where it is :( :( :(

  7. Sara says:

    Sorry I Mean I Did Not Fing #19

  8. jesseca says:

    can some one tell me were number 3 is

  9. jesseca says:

    i mean 5

  10. IANA says:


  11. tyra says:

    woop woop completed it pips :) :D

  12. drummergirl says:

    where is number 19

  13. aliec17 says:

    I can’t find number’s 29 &30 does anyone know were they are?

  14. lilly says:

    were is numbur 5#

  15. Sam Veksler says:

    The doll is truly a hamster. Haha!! We(Ahmed, Tammam & I) name her fluffy. Now i got my own explanation to say ‘ure so fluffy, im gonna die’

  16. MiSsDjHeRo says:

    Thnk u very much its help full!!!

  17. madhatter2010 says:

    where is the top one on the paper pile tell me please

  18. bieberluver says:

    i need 1 more but i got all of them :)

  19. TheguywhoputsLEGENDinFRANKTOWN says:

    Wooo, I Found all of them most of them i found on my own but thanks for the cheats. xD

  20. skunky51 says:

    where is #5?

  21. Bluey6288 says:

    Wheres the last one

  22. sharmarke says:


  23. lola says:

    wheres no. 25 pple?????????????????? =(=(

  24. lala says:

    can anyone tell me that where is the quest 19 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.i have found all but 19…………

  25. donsmily1221 says:

    were is number 16

  26. tylersta says:

    i have purpel blue pink andyellow wher is the ather one marker

  27. clarelol says:

    ive only just started this quest and ive only just finished it lol :) easyer then ever

  28. kadee says:

    where is #5

  29. Xxsakamotoxx says:

    tell me where all tools

  30. Hello says:

    i cant find 13 on school quest can someone help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssse :(

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