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School Supplies #2

13 Responses to “School Supplies #2”
  1. bryan says:

    where are they at

  2. Andzela11 says:

    Its in the Recording Studo in Praticate room…

  3. gfgfg says:

    where is this pen

  4. oww says:

    where is that pen because i can not find it anywhere

  5. oww says:

    where is the 1one?

  6. Coolkid says:

    Its in the practice room (in the recording studio).

  7. Lego luva says:

    Franktown lover is right

  8. cynthia90716 says:

    omg im there but a stupid girl wont get out of my way!!!!!!!

  9. billybob says:

    is this thing blue

  10. beserkmadman says:


  11. martell says:

    this game so cool

  12. sedricka says:

    look people your not looking look

  13. Livster470 says:

    thnx Andzela11

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