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School Supplies #6

10 Responses to “School Supplies #6”
  1. Oreo Summit says:

    I cant see it

  2. israel says:

    its at coffe shop

  3. person16 says:

    its at the coffee shop!!!!!!!!!

  4. breanna says:

    its st.p days and i cant see anything

  5. kari says:

    its infront of the table besides the punch bowl table

  6. lovely2005 says:

    it is at the coffee shop look closely

  7. unclefred says:

    hello! it’s at the coffee shop

  8. JLS_LOVER says:

    Yeah Well Where Abouts In The Coffee Shop!!!!!!!!!

  9. JLS_LOVER says:

    Oh Right I’ve Found Ir Somebody Was Just In The Way Lol!

  10. SweetiePie164 says:

    no it’s not look at the floor in the picture then look at thee coffee shops floor

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