School Quest Strategy Guide

The School Quest is the fourth quest in Franktown Rocks. School is about to start and all the school supplies you need are scattered throughout Franktown. You need to find them all so you can enjoy your first day of class. There are 25 total pieces that you must find and for every piece you find you will receive $50 Franks. You will receive $500 Franks and the Golden Writing Board when you complete the quest.

Here is how to locate all 25 pieces of school supplies in Franktown Rocks.

Remember, you need to complete the Candy Quest before you can attempt this quest.

130 Responses to “School Quest Strategy Guide”
  1. kelsey x says:

    hia i have done all of them but i still have a pencil left too find and i cnt find it can anyone help me tar xxxxxxxx

  2. shamika says:

    i have a marker t find but i cannot find it

  3. sescily says:

    i cant find #25!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. chantel says:

    this helps me

  5. SUZZY says:

    i cant find # 2 can u guys help me please

  6. sanika says:

    where are those i canno find it

  7. sanika says:

    where is one below the scale

  8. bunnygirl123 says:

    i am a member cool

  9. bunnygirl123 says:

    i cant find number 3.

  10. shisa says:

    where is the 5th one?

  11. Janeswollen says:

    no. 2 is in the practice room of the recording studio. look carfully

  12. person16 says:

    number 2 is in the recording studio

  13. person16 says:

    number three is in the music store on the counter where it looks where u pay for it

  14. person16 says:

    number 25 is in the music store on the shelf

  15. person16 says:

    sorry number 3 is in the record store

  16. jacob says:

    i don’t know were is number five?

  17. Cehara says:

    i do’nt have the highlighter or the pencil

  18. keanu says:

    were is 20

  19. keanu says:

    were 5 tell me

  20. rokelle says:

    i cant find the last marker were is it at


    where is the last piece

  22. teller says:

    numba 25 is in music store

  23. moeea123 says:

    5 is boogie beach

  24. ELIJAH says:


  25. Jojo1234 says:

    num 2 is at recording studio practice room

  26. Jojo1234 says:

    ware numba 5

  27. Jojo1234 says:

    WARE NUMBA 5 any1 kno

  28. Jojo1234 says:

    Found it

  29. amaya says:

    thank u 4 help ft

  30. butt says:

    egg qust is esay

  31. julie says:

    where is number 4 and 5

  32. justin bieber4ever says:

    im so happy i finished all my quest in one day

  33. Baiey says:

    i can’t find number #1

  34. WILDskunk says:

    Easy peasy

  35. jane says:

    wer is numba 20 nd numba 19

  36. jane says:

    now wer is numba 20

  37. jane says:

    i cnt find nmba 20 nywer

  38. mack1196 says:

    where is number 9

  39. lollygirl90 says:

    if u are looking for #2 it is in the recording studio

  40. bearhugs66 says:


  41. dj54321 says:

    i still cant find all of them

  42. alex hein says:

    Wow this is so easy.

  43. FLEAGIRL00 says:

    i cant find #2 HELP ME

  44. 7amo0od says:

    i cant find#5, and 13, and 21

  45. milasd says:

    the number 5 is in the boogie beach

  46. HELLOPEOPLE says:

    Number #2 is in the MUSIC STORE or in THE RECORDING STUDIO.


  47. vivi says:

    someone please tell me where is number 19??? kept looking everywhere but i cant find it , please anyone??

  48. mzscoobz95 says:


  49. pinkypie33 says:

    5 is at the beach

  50. kk says:

    where is number 21

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