Stix Quest Strategy Guide » Missing Drumstick 3

Missing Drumstick 3

8 Responses to “Missing Drumstick 3”
  1. Alma says:

    Its in the music store in the room called store

  2. dunno says:

    theres 1 in the boogie beach

  3. happyprincess9 says:

    in the room called store

  4. Kayla says:

    thank you so much for helping me

  5. jada says:

    i found it

  6. sarra says:

    thank u alma

  7. veronica says:

    thats just a lil bit of info

  8. NISA says:

    some wnt show like 2 weeks afta it will show sooo like dar 1 near da pizza shop well if dosent show dat itx not der n it showz here complain with da moya n den you’ll find it there fata few days
    (it happen 2 me)

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