Stix Quest Strategy Guide » Missing Drumstick 30

Missing Drumstick 30

8 Responses to “Missing Drumstick 30”
  1. tpm says:

    yes i finnaly comepleted all the quests

  2. Samylera says:

    it is in the movie theater near the garbage can

  3. ernie says:

    yes i completed all the quests!!!!!!!!!

  4. hanny757 says:

    me too i was looking for this one the whole time

  5. eolhc123 says:

    I finally found it!!
    Thank you!!

  6. tinkerbel007 says:

    where is it

  7. rattail112 says:

    Do u want to watch a movie?

  8. martyna321 says:

    where’s the lats one #

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