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Hey everyone, sorry for the late update. I have been really busy lately.

If you don’t know already, cars have finally been released in Franktown Rocks. The FTR Coupe and FTR Coupe Z are available to members only and cost $4,000 Franks each.

FTR Coupe Z

FTR Coupe Z

Head over to the Coffee Shop to play the new game, Super Tic Tac Toe. The members have tested it and the developers have ironed out the kinks. You can play against other friends in Franktown, or you can play against Mayor Franklin T. Rockworth.

The Good Citizen Award for this week goes to the following members: Henrieta24, Kristenrox and Sweetlollie.

Finally, the Halloween Party begins on October 23rd. There will be a corn maze and a brand new Trick-or-Treat 2009 Quest. I will have all the cheats for you when the quest is released.

Until then,

Rock On!

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Hey, I hope everyone is doing well.

Mayor Franklin T. Rockworth has announced that cars are expected to arrive in Franktown Rocks on October 16th. Cars will be for MEMBERS ONLY, but they should be pretty cool.

Also, a new 2 player Tic Tac Toe game is coming to Franktown. For the following week, it will be available for members in the Treehouse lounge. This one week period will be for testing purposes only. After members test the new game, it will be released to the public and everyone, members and non-members, will be able to enjoy it.

Hopefully some new quests will be released soon, so I can add some more cheats for you guys. Thanks for visiting.

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Franktown Rocks is celebrating Rocktober and is planning a big party for this month. It will be a Halloween party and non-members are invited to get some of the costumes too.

They are also working on bring cars to Franktown. Check out the picture below to see what one of the cars will look like.

Cars in Franktown Rocks

Cars in Franktown Rocks

Finally, this week’s Good Citizen Award Winners are: HMs040404, phoebe1234, and rebecca99!

Thanks for reading Franktown Rocks Cheats.

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