Trick-or-Treat 2009 Quest Strategy Guide

When the leaves start to fall you know it’s that time of year again in Franktown for trick-or-treating! There are 20 pieces of candy and if you can find them, you can keep them!

  • When you find a piece of candy, click on it to pick it up
  • You’ll earn $50 franks for every piece you find
  • Find all 20 pieces and you will win a Spooky Pumpkin Trophy for your house and $500 franks

You must complete the Secret Corn Maze to unlock this quest.

Check out the pictures below to see the location of all 20 pieces of candy.

13 Responses to “Trick-or-Treat 2009 Quest Strategy Guide”
  1. Emily says:

    thnx this helped alot!

  2. hannah9637 says:

    cool cool ok

  3. hannah says:

    is one of the sweets in the tree house

  4. asdfasdf says:

    Where are number 20 and number 5?

  5. Where is it? says:

    20 is at the coffee shop.
    5 is at the Music Store

    Who knows where 4 is Please!

  6. azzie says:

    is some of the sweets in the membership area. i dont know

  7. Ashley says:

    Does anyone know where number 18, and 4 is?
    Please help =)

  8. libb1234 says:

    i never get to do the qust sob

  9. elizebeth146 says:

    this helepd me alot

  10. owl_city says:

    hi people

  11. jay58921 says:

    were is number 10

  12. ali1234 says:

    where is the pumpkin basket?

  13. hamstoro says:

    number 10 is at the ice_cream shop

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